From The Islamic Heritage : Truly Halal Humour



Exposing the heart to light hearted and interesting material to make it refreshed and energised and in a better capacity to deal with serious matters is encouraged for the Muslim.

Ali bin Abi Talib said : Relax the hearts and seek for it wise amusement for it becomes bored just like the body becomes bored.

And what a better amusement for the Muslim than that which comes from Islamic sources ?

The Arabic Islamic library is full of soul entertaining materials ; humour, wise sayings, stranger – than-fiction stories and similar stuff which can be used for the purposes of lightening the heart and refreshing the soul.

Scatterings of these material are found in the books of great scholars such as al-Dhahabi in his ‘Siyar A’lam al-Nubala’ and even in books of hadith.

Also dedicated works such as ‘The Stories of the Fools and the Dumb” by ibn al-Jawzi are available.

Filled with entertaining and witty humour,’ ‘From The Islamic Heritage : Truly Halal Humour ‘  book unlocks this unexplored aspect of the muslim heritage to the english speaking reader.

Finally, you can smile and laugh at a piece of humour without feeling guilty or worried about infringing or compromising on your Islamic values and principles, while also getting an insight into and appreciation of the your muslim heritage and history. 


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